Gluten-free ahi wrap


This was such a healthy and filling lunch that left me with plenty of energy!


Food for Life gluten-free black rice wrap

Organic cucumber slices

Organic red bell pepper strips

Organic red romaine leaves

Organic asparagus spears

Organic roma tomato (1/2)

Newman’s balsamic dressing

Squeeze of lemon

Cooked ahi tuna (mashed up like tuna salad)

Horseradish mustard


Red pepper chili flakes


Wash all the veggies well if you haven’t already, then pat dry.

Microwave the wrap for 30 secs, let it cool (make sit pliable).

Mix the EVOO, lemon, chili flakes, and mustard with the tuna – place in the center of the wrap.

Next place all the veggies on top, then roll up and enjoy!

(I had extra veggies left over, so I made a side salad and that’s what the Newman’s dressing was used for.)



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