Roasted Fall Veggies


I love trying new ways to make veggies taste even better, and this one really blew me away considering how quick and easy it was.


Okra, washed and tops cut off

Yellow squash, washed and sliced

Any other veggie you love! (keep in mind carrots and potatoes would take longer)

Greek seasoning or salt, pepper and garlic powder (or your favs)


Preheat oven to 425 degrees F

Foil line a pan for easy clean up, spray with non-stick spray, then lay the veggies out flat.

Spray veggies, then sprinkle on seasoning.

Cook 10 – 15 mins, but for me 12 mins was perfect. Be sure to flip the okra, or you’ll get a line on just one side and depending on your oven – it could burn rather than get golden brown.

I didn’t flip the squash, but I have let them go till golden and they were even sweeter and more delicious!



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