Full day of eating healthy mini meals


People always ask me how I stay in shape when I eat so much. Well, the secret is being mindful and making wise choices – but also eating small meals every three hours. My total calories (back when I used to count them) rarely went over 1,600, and I am always full and satiated. Here’s how I do it.

Sample meal plan for a full day of eating:

Breakfast at 7am – Smoothie and toast (organic blueberries, banana, pea protein powder, almond milk, and stevia) Ezekiel sesame bread toasted then topped w a tablespoon of EVOO, garlic powder and salt. Small amount of coffee with creamer and stevia. Sometimes I add a piece of turkey bacon but I ran out.

Snack at 10am– Four pieces of crab salad sushi, light soy sauce w wasabi, some fresh ginger on the side, and some daikon radish (sushi restaurant leftovers). This is usually a small mini meal I’ve food prepped on Sundays, but today was a little treat.

Lunch at 1pm– Everything but the kitchen sink salad w lots of veggies and some chicken from Whole Foods. (see my previous post for the pic)

Afternoon tea at 3pm – Organic green tea with lemon juice (3 wedges), a sprinkling of ground ginger and stevia.

Preworkout meal at 4pm– Old fashioned, gluten-free, rolled oats (Bob’s brand), a small spoonful of smart balance crunchy peanut butter, cinnamon, stevia, and hot water – topped with organic, fresh blueberries.

Workout from 5pm to 6pm – Weights on upper body for 30 mins (today was chest and triceps), then crunches on the swiss ball, then cardio for 30 mins (today was the treadmill, since my legs were sore from leg day) Stretched after like always, since I sit at a desk all day.

Dinner at 7pm – Sautéed baby bok choy; cooked, sprouted, organic quinoa (truroots brand); braggs liquid aminos and toasted sesame seeds (my fav); small chicken breast.


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