Everything but the kitchen sink salad

IMG_1106 (2)

All-Organic Ingredients:

Chicken – optional, and from WF bar

Green peas

Cabbage slaw from WF bar – optional and has almond slivers

Pecan pieces – optional

Croutons – optional

Heirloom tomato – small, cubed

Broccoli florets

Yellow bell pepper strips cut into pieces

Cucumber – peeled, sliced and torn into pieces


Two lemons

Baby spinach

Red pepper and feta dressing – 2 T (or your fav)

Translations – T is Tablespoon and WF is Whole Foods

Why organic? Because I don’t like eating pesticides! They’re horrible for us!


Place the spinach down first and drizzle a little dressing on it (otherwise it never gets a drop because of all the toppings).

Place all the other ingredients on top in whatever order you like, then the rest of the dressing and a squeeze of two lemons. I also sprinkled some salt and pepper to taste.

(If you want to evenly coat the salad with dressing, put in a big to-go container and shake it up!)

As always, you can change the ingredients to fit your taste, but this was delicious for a veggie lover like me!


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