What’s my next big adventure? A bikini bodybuilding competition!

news-426892_640Hey friends! Ok, so I don’t know about you, but sometimes my healthy eating and working out gets a little stagnant. I needed a challenge, more motivation and another bucket list item to check off this year. So, I’ve entered my first bikini bodybuilding competition!

I’ve been working out for what seems like forever, and just needed something to push myself to the next level. And let me tell ya – the thought of getting on that stage in a teeny bikini is PLENTY of motivation!

But, I refuse to starve myself like some girls have done. I plan on documenting the whole process starting at 12 weeks out on my new YouTube channel here. I already posted some videos to give you an idea of what will be to come, and there will be meal prep and recipe ideas, full day of eating videos, workouts, and much more.

I hope this journey educates, inspires, motivates, and entertains you all along the way. And in case I haven’t told you lately – thank you so much for your support and for following me! I appreciate each and every one of you!

P.S. – I will post pictures here after the competition, and this will serve as more content for my book I’ve been writing. I’m so excited!

Best of luck in all you do!