New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work, Goals Do!

happy new year

Ok, so many of us had one too many servings of pie, ham or the occasional adult beverage over the holidays – so your clothes may feel like you left them in the dryer a bit too long.

Fret not, there are simple solutions that don’t involve the dreaded New Year’s resolution (that recent studies show only 8% of people stick to anyways). The answer? Set small goals! Daily if you have to; and be specific. For example, today’s goal could be to eat all whole foods, or to drink at least 64 ounces of water, or even to try a different machine at the gym. All of these little triumphs, or getting out of your comfort zone, can increase your self esteem and willingness to try new things.

Next, set a short-term goal. For example – I want to drop 1% body fat and 1 inch around my waist in 90 days. This is doable, and has a time limit. And lastly, set long-term goals. An example would be to lose 20lbs or get down to a healthy body fat in 6 months. You get the idea.

Now, my daily and short/long-term goals always involve eating healthy, but many people think that’s just too vague and need examples. So, here are examples of what some of my healthy meals look like throughout the day. I am always full and satisfied after each, and have plenty of energy – so I must be doing something right! All it takes is a little planning and meal prepping (sometimes just 1 hour on the weekends), to set yourself up for success!











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