The difference between men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s

menCall it over generalizations or being jaded and bitter – or maybe it’s just experience. But most women can tell you the characteristics of guys in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, and what the pros and cons of each will entail.

From my experience, here are my general stereotypes. Feel free to share your experiences ladies, or your opposing opinions, men 😉

20 something’s all have one thing in common – unless they mistakenly got a chick pregnant early, they are looking to party and have fun, and not much else. You’ll be hard pressed to find many guys in their 20’s who want to settle down and have kids. Most of them aren’t financially stable yet, because let’s face it – not many of us are or were at that age. It’s just dang near impossible to find a great job just out of college, or while working through college, and many places won’t hire you without experience. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Also, there’s the fact that they are still usually hot and not fat yet – so they have some wild oats to sow (an old person term I’ve learned from my parents lol).

Now for the pros. You will have the time of your life. IF he is experienced. And I don’t just mean in the sack, I mean if he’s been on enough dates to develop that familiarity around women where he’s comfortable in his own skin –and around women in their skin. Otherwise, you may feel like you’re always giving him permission to do things, or have to initiate because he’s not great at making the first move. Both can be equally annoying. After all, you want a man not a boy – even though he is still quite young.

Moving on to 30’s.

Guys in their 30’s who don’t have kids yet are hard to come by, especially in the South, and it’s even harder to find men who haven’t long since let themselves go. Enter the beer gut. It doesn’t matter if they drink or not, a lot of men in their 30’s start to notice a gut appearing, because they forgot to tell their metabolism (and eating habits) they’re not 18 anymore. Most are however, a little more settled, financially and otherwise – and have their stuff together. They also, if they have great jobs and no kids, are extremely picky and sometimes set in their ways. Or at least they’re getting set in their ways. And these guys are starting to realize they aren’t getting any younger and maybe marriage is a good idea.

Pros – financially stable, own a place, know what they want (usually), and can hold down a job. May have started a 401k by now. Cons – can get boring depending on the guy, can be all about just work, can still be a player depending on job and if he’s never been married. Many 30’s are divorced, which is fine – because you’ll be hard pressed to find a person in their 30’s who isn’t married, much less divorced. Oh, and they may be emotionally immature due to never doing any introspection. If you don’t know what that word means, it means you haven’t done any either lol.

Ok, here come the 40’s. You thought the 30’s were set in their ways? HAHAHAHA! Boy are you in for a surprise! Ok, men in their 40’s if not married or never have been and without kids, are like finding a unicorn. Good luck. But if you do manage to find one, it’s highly probable he is set in his ways, is always right (in his mind), and is very concerned with work. After all, these are his prime working years where he can make mega bucks and put a ton of money into his retirement (if he’s not stupid and blows all his money on toys). He’s not as concerned about playing around, knows what he wants, and doesn’t mind if you put a cookie in your mouth. He has either A. Completely let himself go and has an even bigger gut or B. Hit his mid-life crisis and is in the best shape of his life and looks amazing.

He is likely fine with being alone, and prefers that to clubbing or the bar scene – which does get old to everyone eventually, regardless of age (hopefully). And is finally ready to settle down and have kids, get married the whole shebang – BUT. And this is a huge but –you thought the 30 something’s were selective?! OMG you have no idea! These guys realize that this is it, this had better be the last one (marriage), because 50 is just around the corner and they are scared of that number like chicks are scared of 40.

So, his biological clock is ticking too, but he is very scared of another divorce (again, assuming here), so he’s going to be extremely cautious and will let you know in a hurry any flaws he sees in you.

Pros – financially stable, has his stuff together, can take you anywhere and wine/dine you, could still look awesome, if he’s hit his mid-life crisis and didn’t just buy a corvette instead of a gym membership.

Cons – set in his ways, doesn’t compromise easily, is always right, and expects you to have your stuff together too (which isn’t a con really, just good to know).

So, in conclusion, every guy has his pros and cons – just as every woman does. You just have to find what fits for your current life situation. Want to just have fun no strings attached? 20’s guy. Want to have a meaningful relationship and see where it goes? 30’s guy. Want to get married eventually and have kids, after passing the approval test? 40’s guy. As with most things, there are exceptions, but these are my opinions. What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them!


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