Best steakhouse experience in a long time.

Prime rib

I’m an Arkansas native, and self-proclaimed Foodie, so there’s not a restaurant around that I haven’t tried – or will soon try.

So of course I’ve been to the Butcher Shop plenty of times.

But usually I was left with a “Meh” feeling after leaving. It usually took too long for the whole ordeal and I was left thinking maybe this place was like the Red Lobster of steakhouses – underwhelming to Foodies, but fabulous to those with an untrained palate, who just love steak.

But man, was I wrong!

I decided to give it another try for my monthly appointment with beef, as I usually only crave it and eat it around once a month for good measure. And let me tell you, it was the perfect night from start to finish!

wineI decided I wanted to forgo the traditional red wine paring and go with what I knew I’d like, a cheap but good Moscato. After all, at the time I ate this meal it was late July and a little hot in Central Arkansas. It was a common, but delicious surprise, like most cheap wines in my opinion. I’ve tried some of the most-expensive wines and champagnes and they were too dry or bitter for my taste. But then again I’m not a fan of oak, barrel or tannin flavors. The BV coastal, as they called it, was light, crisp and refreshing. Exactly what I was looking for at the end of a long shopping day.




Moving on, for the appetizer I had their famous mushrooms. And these have never disappointed, probably due to the fact that they’re bathed in butter overnight (or longer so I’m told). Every bite is piping hot and melts in your mouth like, well, butter. They’re slightly slippery and salty and you can cut them with a fork.

mineFor my entrée I had the smallest ribeye cooked perfectly medium rare, which was still enough for two servings for me. My boyfriend had the prime rib, which you can see above was quite a sight to see. Hey, go big or go home, right!? He’s a prime rib connoisseur and said it was cooked to perfection as well.

The desert was underwhelming, but since we hadn’t had sweets in so long, it didn’t make it to the pictures.

breadThe bread also didn’t make it, which was fantastic with the whipped butter – which I would have eaten with a shovel had they given me one. And the waiter? Perfection.




In conclusion, I give it an A- or 8 out of 10, simply because I have had better restaurant experiences overall in my life so far. But this was certainly a pleasant and welcomed surprise.


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