A day in the life: Mini meals rock, Part 2

Ok, so in answer to the question – How do you eat so much and stay so slim? Well, here’s how. Here are three of the 5-6 meals I’ll eat today. The ones not shown are a pre-workout of either chia oats and BCAA’s/glutamine, or gluten-free non-GMO brown rice cakes with nut butter.

After my workout is always a non-whey shake (lactose intolerant), and almond milk. Then I have a dinner that rounds out my macros for the day, and every day is a little different. Usually I find I’m just under my goal macros for the day, because I’m just too darned stuffed to eat any more food! (Which is a great problem to have when you’re under your goal calories too).

securedownloadBreakfast was a gluten-free flax pancake made with almond milk and I just followed the directions. I topped with peanut butter and some melted, frozen, organic blueberries and a little molasses and stevia. Served with a side of egg whites and almond milk. Super filling, and right at 350 calories. (You could leave off the molasses if you don’t need the iron).


securedownload (1)

For my next meal I had gluten-free, cooked brown rice “fried” with egg whites, tri-colored bell peppers and EVOO. Topped with Wellshire nitrate-free, no preservatives bacon bits. Beside that is just some grilled organic chicken tenders with coarse ground mustard, and steamed mixed veggies. Simple, and always filling. Calories: 215


securedownload (2)


Next was lunch, which is a huge wrap or burrito (if I could have gotten it folded). I used a fiesta gluten-free small tortilla, warmed, and filled with a mini 100 cal guac cup, organic spinach and arugula, black-eyed peas (use any kind of beans you want besides refried), yellow bells, sriracha, organic sauteed chicken, and a dash of chili powder. Quick, very filling, and right at 350 calories.



So there you have it! Eating this way has made significant changes to my body (along with weight training and occasional cardio), and gives me plenty of energy and health benefits! The bottom line is that you have to find what works for you. If you don’t like the way you feel after you eat something, stop eating that stuff! Learn what different foods do to and for your body, then make small changes every day. This is just what works for me, and remember – I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, or dietitian. I’m just a woman who loves food, and didn’t like feeling sick and tired every day!


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