That’s a wrap!

Wow, just wow. This wrap is actually pretty spectacular if I do say so myself! It’s almost like a delicious burrito from a Mexican restaurant to me. Seriously, you have to try this!

photo 1 (2) h



1 gluten-free tortilla like Udi’s, plain. Or get crazy if you want and try the fiesta or spinach ones!

1 tablespoon of kalamole or guacamole.

4 organic, halved cherry tomatoes.

A few each of green bell pepper strips and baby spinach leaves.

A sprinkle of Daiya cheddar shreds or other melting vegan cheese. (Of course you can use the real thing if you’re not lactose intolerant).

1/2 cup of lean, cooked, ground turkey cooked with onions and Mexican spices.


Heat the meat and cheese for a minute in the microwave.

Halve and chop the tomatoes and bell peppers.

Microwave the wrap for 10 secs on each side.

Place the meat and cheese in the tortilla, then top with all the other ingredients. I like to put the guac down then the spinach so it ‘sticks’ better.







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