Mini-meals rock!

I LOVE eating every 2-3 hours. My blood sugar stays level, my energy stays up, and I’m feeding my brain and muscles before a big work day – or big workout! It’s super easy, and all I do is a little meal prep on Sunday.

An example of three of my 5 or 6 meals I’ll have today:

Super yummy breakfast of 1 egg yolk, and egg whites scrambled with peppers, food 3food 1mushrooms, EVOO, and spinach – topped with salsa. Side of gluten-free toast with Earth Balance organic whipped ‘butter’, low-acid orange juice, and organic strawberries.

food 2

Next meal isn’t shown, but was veggie soup with a little cooked
ground turkey, crackers and a smidge of hummus.

This one is leftover kung pao shrimp (next time I’ll ask for steamed not lightly-dusted with potato starch), and sauteed baby bok choy with brown rice. Oh, and a little cracklin’ curry cauliflower stuff from Whole Foods.


Next was grilled chicken from Whole foods, sauteed organic asparagus speers, a little organic sriracha, and a cup of organic green tea with lemon and stevia. Yum!







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