Roasted Golden Beets

roasted golden beetsOk, so I’m not great at taking pictures with my iPhone, but trust me, these are delicious!

I had some at 1620 Savoy, my fav restaurant in Little Rock, AR and had to try to duplicate them. They were pretty close, but I’m also not a gourmet chef.

As a side note, these taste nothing like the red beets, in case you hate those.


Simply peel and slice some organic golden (aka specialty) beets. Grease the bottom of a foil-lined pan with a tablespoon of coconut oil and evenly distribute the beets. Cook until tender (around 15 mins) at about 350 degrees.

Sorry for being vague but I just kept checking on them until the were done and didn’t pay attention to the time/temp much. Feel free to flip the beets and change the location of your pan on the oven racks if needed.

And that’s it! Enjoy!