Summer BBQs and Office Parties


It’s one of the hottest weeks of the year here in Little Rock, Arkansas, and people are all about one thing – Food. Well, people here are always about food, but over the summer there’s always a party to go to. Whether its a barbeque, a picnic, an office party, or you just want to grill out for a few hundred of your closest friends – I have the perfect solution:

Catering to You

Catering to You is a local catering company that specializes in all kinds of catering, large or small, and everything in between. They have an extensive catering menu, and their food quality is to die for. I’ve eaten their food at a Christmas party a while back and it was as gourmet as it gets, and the staff was so sweet even though they were super busy.

And, they don’t just offer catering, you can swing by whenever you’re driving through the state and grab something from their to-go menu.

As a side note, if you’re not sure what to wear to a summer BBQ or office party grill out, here are a few tips:

1. Don’t wear white – self-explanatory.

2. Don’t bring something that spoils quickly – like mayo-based dishes or egg salad, even though they’re picnic staples, unless you eat them within an hour of serving.

3. Don’t bring alcohol unless you call ahead – some picnic areas have banned alcohol, so you just want to double-check.

4. Don’t embarrass yourself – if you do bring/drink alcohol, don’t get drunk and do/say anything you’ll regret on Monday – not cool.

Cheers to a great summer!