Meat Cheat Day


You know, sometimes you just need a good steak. And my fav place to go for a meat cheat meal? Sonny Williams’ Steakroom

I was a vegan once for like 6 months, but eventually, I needed iron! And I noticed my bodybuilding efforts were all for nothing because no matter how much quinoa, beans or spinach I ate – my muscles were still mushy and not firm like they used to be. So, one day I tried some turkey bacon, a craving I had to crush. Then one day I just had to have an egg, and decided well, I’d eat an egg a day for the choline to help my neurotransmitters in my brain. Then came a conversation I had with my boyfriend who said very plainly – Look, we are at the top of the food chain, it’s how we were designed, just don’t eat a steak three times a day or go overboard and you’ll be just fine. Besides, you shouldn’t feel bad about eating food, if you’re eating all this organic/healthy stuff all the time.

I was free.

See, at first I didn’t feel restricted at all because I hated chicken and pork, but I used to always eat a steak or burger every now and then for pure iron and yes -yummy fat. And then I found out on Dr. Oz, and many others that saturated fat in moderation isn’t bad for you, it’s actually necessary for your body to function and absorb vitamins and minerals. It’s the white, refined carbs that are bad for you and lead to heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.

So, whether your a meat eater, or a meat cheater, you may just salivate reading this menu and picturing all of the delicious food at

Even if you don’t eat meat, there are plenty of options to choose from there. They have veggies, potatoes and even pescatarian options available.