How to make low-carb or low-sugar taste good

Ok, so if you’ve ever tried to go vegan or vegetarian you may have fallen into the same trap some of us have of becoming a ‘carbivore’ instead of a carnivore. What I mean is that you realized you suddenly had more calories to work with and you missed eating all your beloved carbs, so you started eating all your old favs. Then you wonder why you’re gaining weight when eating a ‘plant-based’ diet.

Well, this recently happened to me too.

I had a biometrics screening at work and realized my triglycerides were a little higher than normal, which had never happend, and that made me realize two things:

1. I need to cut out all refined or white carbs, not just for my numbers but because it was causing me inflammation and pain in my joints and muscles, and

2. I need to watch my sugar intake in any forms, including fruit. Did you know a small banana has over 10 grams of sugar! That’s half my daily intake in a tiny piece of fruit!!!

So, here’s a plan I’ve devised based on my food preferences at this point of my life. You will see I do allow for seafood or the occasional egg white. To each his own, but you will also see plenty of vegan options. I’m lactose intolerant, so there’s no dairy of any kind. But you will get the idea. I also added more good fats, since those help lower all the bad numbers, while upping the good ones and helping your heart. And good fats keep you full and happy.

First, here’s a list of low-sugar fruits and veggies you can eat without fear. I did all the research for you. You’re welcome. ; )






Bok Choy


Green beans


Brussels sprouts

Green bell peppers



Most other lettuces

Now, here is my plan that you can use as well to keep the bad carbs and bad sugars low, and I’m trying to stay under 24 grams a day (it’s harder than you think):

Breakfast options:

  1. Egg whites with pink salt, pepper, onions, mushrooms, 2 T of salsa; Ez toast with EVOO and garlic powder, small glass of 50% less sugar OJ. (or egg whites and one waffle).
  2. Van’s whole grain waffles with 2 T of almond butter and cooked blueberries, with stevia and almond milk.
  3. Grape nuts with berries and almond milk, stevia.
  4. Cocoa almond butter chocolate plant protein shake with almond milk, stevia.
  5. Blueberry spinach protein shake with almond milk, stevia.
  6. Chocolate plant protein shake with almond milk.

Snack options:

  1. Berries and nuts in oatmeal
  2. Mary’s gone or crunchmaster crackers with hummus or guac
  3. Veggies with hummus or guac or almond butter
  4. Ez bread with guac and side of veggies
  5. Beanitos chips and black beans (small servings)
  6. Cocoa almond butter chocolate plant protein shake with almond milk, stevia.
  7. Blueberry spinach protein shake with almond milk, stevia.
  8. Chocolate plant protein shake with almond milk.
  9. Cabbage soup and nuts

Lunch options:

  1. Big spinach salad with veggies, green bells, lite dressing (or EVOO and lemon/vinegar). Could add pink salmon or grilled shrimp here for protein. Could add avo or guac too, and toast if no meat.
  2. Stir fry leftovers (broccoli, brown rice, veggies, shrimp or salmon, liquid aminos).
  3. 1/2 or whole sammie with pink salmon, side salad or side of veggies like broccoli or bell pepper sticks/cucumber chips.
  4. Whole sammie of spinach, peppers, hummus or guac, onion, cucumber, etc on Ez toast.
  5. Brown rice with pink salmon and peppers, liquid aminos, side salad with spinach, avo.
  6. Brown rice, bell peppers, onions; salmon filet; spinach salad with avo cubes, lite dressing.

Snack options: Same as above choices only pick something different and no oats.

Pre-Workout: Usual oats with cinnamon, stevia, ground flax, and wheat germ.

Post-Workout: Chocolate plant protein shake with almond milk if did weights.

Dinner options:

  1. Wild salmon cooked in spices and EVOO, brown rice or quinoa, steamed veggies like broccoli, zucchini, spinach, or green beans.
  2. Stir fry of shrimp, broccoli, bok choy, brown rice, liquid aminos, ginger, etc.
  3. Small ez wrap with vegan cheese inside dipped in salsa, side of steamed veggies
  4. Veggie pizza on ez wrap w vegan cheese and lots of veggies (careful w/ pizza sauce or use salsa and make Mexican pizza with black beans.
  5. Bean and cabbage soup with mary’s gone or crunchmaster crackers
  6. Brown rice with pink salmon and peppers, liquid aminos, side salad with spinach, avo.
  7. Brown rice, bell peppers, onions; salmon filet; spinach salad with avo cubes, lite dressing.
  8. Big salad with shrimp or salmon and veggies
  9. 2 slices of Ez toast with EVOO and a side of steamed veggies (or one slice)
  10. Red or brown lentils, in a soup or as a side with veggies or salad
  11. Breakfast for dinner (egg whites, toast, etc)

So there you have it. As with anything, variety is key, so try not to eat the same things at each meal option, and feel free to use your own experimenting with spices, herbs and recipes that don’t add extra sugar or salt. I know for me, this all looks really tasty, and I don’t feel nearly as worried as I initially did about the whole cutting out sugar/carbs thing.

I hope this helps! Here’s to your health!

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