Best Vegan Mexican Pizza Ever!

Best Vegan Mexican Pizza Ever!

This was my best creation yet. Words don’t even describe.

1 small Ezekiel wrap, microwaved for 25 secs
Organic bpa-free canned black beans
Organic red and yellow bells
Daiya vegan pepper jack cheese
Plain pizza sauce
Organic girl arugula
Any spices you desire (mexican-y of course)

I didn’t give you specifics above because everyone likes their pizza a little different and I just eyeball everything. No measuring needed. This was a quick fix to a pizza craving that totally worked.

Top wrap with a couple of spoon fulls of pizza sauce (feel free to add any spices you like here too, I added spicy ones like red pepper and chili powder).

Add arugula next, then peppers and beans.

Finally add cheese shreds on top and microwave until cheese melts (watch it closely to not burn the wrap)

Top with cool, fresh scallions and crushed red pepper flakes if you like. I also added pink Himalayan salt and pepper.

This was to die for, trust me, you have got to try this one!