Vegan cheese reviews

Since I couldn’t find a site to review these cheeses, I thought I’d just do it here. Someone needs to know before they too make a horrible mistake and taste one of these disgusting cheeses.

Ok, here goes. My least favorite and most favorite vegan cheeses. I’ve tried several in my attempt to rekindle an old flame I once had with cheese, now that I’m lactose intolerant (and didn’t realize it until I was 29 years old), I plan on saving you the trouble of eating horrible fake cheeses. Plus, there are some that are pretty darn close to the real thing.

Rice Vegan Cheese Slices from Galaxy Foods – HORRIBLE, DO NOT EAT, STAY AWAY! This tasted nothing, and I mean nothing like cheese in any form or fashion, or in a far away galaxy.  Not only that, it actually hurt my boyfriends stomach, probably because of some of these ingredients, which are far from natural: CALCIUM & SODIUM PHOSPHATES, CONTAINS 2% OR LESS OF SEA SALT, CARRAGEENAN, MONO & DIGLYCERIDES, NATURAL FLAVORS, LACTIC ACID (NON-DAIRY), APOCAROTENAL (COLOR), BETACAROTENE. By the way, do they think we don’t all know what ‘natural flavors’ really means? Pulease! Oh, and it never melted. Not on a skillet, not in the microwave, it was like plastic just sitting there stiff as a board.

Next, my absolute favorite, go-to cheese is……..drum roll please….

Daiya Pepper Jack Shreds – AMAZING, DELICIOUS  PERFECT, TO DIE FOR! I use this in vegan burritos, tacos, pizzas, the list goes on and on. It actually melted perfectly every time. And the mozzarella version is ok too, just not as ‘cheesy’ as the pepper jack in my opinion. I bet for non-vegans it would be amazing in eggs or egg whites too!

So, there ya have it. Try the Rice brand at your own risk. But I’m warning you, I actually spit it out of my mouth and threw the entire package away, and I HATE wasting food. And I can usually eat anything. Or at least swallow it quickly, but not this stuff.

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