Fit in Four – Lose 2lbs a week or more

I have this idea and would LOVE to write a book about it. I’ve already started actually, but realize getting it published could be a task. So, I figured why not share what information I have so far, so everyone can benefit from it? Below is an outline of what I have so far.

I practice what I preach every day and have the results to prove it. I used to be skinny fat with no general muscle tone or structure with a disproportional shape, or was super skin and bones with no muscle (also not a pretty look). Now I eat healthy foods to ensure I’m getting enough vitamins and nutrients, not to stay ‘skinny’ but to prevent illnesses and diseases. I also workout to keep my body healthy and to prevent injuries.

These tips have kept my energy up, my body toned, and my skin and hair beautiful. I don’t say this to brag but because I used to struggle so much in this area, and I know others out there do to. Maybe not you, but someone you know could benefit from this information. Feel free to share my blog address with your friends!

If you know of anyone who publishes books please give me a shout by contacting me here or sending me a comment. Thanks!

Fit in Four- Lose 2lbs a week or more

Four weeks to fit (four months if 50lbs or more overweight)-This is the healthy way to lose weight, and maintain it over a lifetime. Not a quick fix where you quickly gain back every pound and then some after those other ‘diets’ on the market today. This is a lifestyle change. And something that is manageable in your everyday life.

Four meals a day- are plant-based and super healthy, the other can be not so plant-based, but not quite a cheat meal either. For example-pad Thai, noodle soup, Indian, Mexican, Italian, etc.

Four cheat meals a month- (1 ea week if 4 weeks)

Four main food groups- not the ones back in the day but:

  1. Whole, sprouted grains, breads and tortillas, oats, oat bran, etc.
  2. Organic fruits and vegetables (any and all)
  3. Beans, seeds, legumes, and nuts
  4. Good fats and treats – avocado, real EVOO, healthy guacamole, hummus, natural salad dressings, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, cacao nibs, red wine, plant milk, etc.

Four first and four last ingredients- are what you pay attention to the most-the first four are what the product is mainly made of. The last four are usually the bad ones like preservatives, parabens, and artificial flavorings/colorings. Avoid fake things by buying whole, organic foods in their natural state. Or if you want to go really crazy, if man made it – don’t eat it!

Four workouts a week for 1 hour (weights and cardio)- We’re supposed to workout most days of the week, well 4 out of 7 would be more than half, and would count as most days. Plus, it allows one day during the middle of your week for emergencies, late meetings, or ill planning. Let’s face it, life happens. This includes 4 strength sessions and 4 cardio sessions, and 4 ab sessions, preferably on the same day, but you can do them in whatever order you choose, or break them up (AM then PM) in one day. It also includes 4 areas of the body-Arms, Legs, Back, Abs. The arms session is the entire arm that will be worked out on different days, the Back is both upper and lower, the Legs includes the glutes and calves, and the abs are for all sections of abs.

Sample week:

Monday – Upper Back, Biceps, Lower Abs, Cardio Intervals

Tuesday –Full Legs, Lower Back, Upper/Side Abs, Cardio Intervals

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – Chest, Triceps, Lower Abs, Cardio Intervals

Friday – Full Legs, Plyo, Upper/Side Abs, Cardio Intervals

Saturday-Rest-Enjoy your friends, family and get your chores done

Sunday-Rest (Use the weekend days for cooking, chopping, and prepping your meals)

More to come once I delve a little deeper into this book idea. Thanks for reading! I smile every time I get a like from you all!

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