Cheat meal survival tips

I have to share with you all tips that work wonders for a cheat meal or treat, but first, a brief story so you know that I’m speaking from experience.

Today a coworker had a baby shower and there were cupcakes galore with mounds of icing and of course, sugary fruit punch to drink. So, being the planner that I am, I already looked forward to this little treat by eating a healthy salad at lunch and looking up how many calories would be in this tiny calorie bomb. (250 just for the cupcake in case you were wondering). Anywho, I enjoyed every, single, bite and sip….until…..the dreaded sugar crash started. I knew what was soon to follow, a sugar coma at my desk, so I decided to try a little experiment to prevent it. And it WORKED!

Tip#1: Eat a high protein snack shortly after, even though you will not be hungry, and will likely feel your arteries already starting to harden from the treat you just ate. Trust me though, this is needed to prevent the sugar crash and sugar coma. Protein stays with you longer, and what I ate (chickpeas and curry quinoa with fire-roasted tomatoes) had fiber and iron in it to boost my mood.

Tip#1: Drink lots of water about 30 mins-1 hour after you eat your last bite of healthy food. This gives your tummy time to start digesting before you dilute the digestive acids with tons of water. Plus I feel like it’s flushing the fat and artificial stuff out of my system.

Tip#3: Don’t just sit there. Walk around, do some work, and get up often. This keeps you from getting sleepy even if you didn’t eat a naughty treat. Plus you burn more calories standing than sitting. True story.

So, in conclusion, I learned that I shouldn’t eat sugary, fatty treats on an empty stomach or else I’ll be at my desk asleep, head back and mouth open.

And I hope these little tricks work for you too!