How to beat a craving

Ok, this literally just happened and I had to share my victory and my secrets because I just figured out how to bust a craving fast.

Every day practically at work there is a plethora of food/treats to devour at any hour of the day, and usually at the worst times. You would think this would end with the holidays, but no, it persists. So, today, outside of a conference room there was another spread like usual and it just so happened to be exactly what I was eating today-only mine is a much healthier version, no fat and all organic. But I digress. The point is, I eyed some chocolate chip cookies that were staring back at me. So, I said to myself I’d see how many calories were in them, and if I had the room to spare in my day and if so I’d have one. Instead of impulsively grabbing one, I decided to wait just a sec to do some research.

Well, I did have the room, but realized hey, I’m trying to eat healthy here, and that is a ton of fat and sugar. So instead, I went for my personal stash of goodies for just such an emergency. I looked that treat up and found out- ta da! I cut the calories, fat and sugar in more than half! So I enjoyed every savory sweet bite of my truffle ball without a single stitch of guilt, still glowing from my ‘win’, and feeling pretty satisfied that I busted that craving.

Shauna – 1

Cravings – 0

So, here are the steps to follow to beat a craving:

1. Walk away and give yourself a few minutes to really think it through. This includes looking up the damage that little treat will do. This is crucial if you’re watching your weight, or eating for your health.

2. Look for a healthy alternative, or a lesser evil. If you want chocolate, have it, but in a smaller package with less fat/sugar. I keep a stash of super dark chocolate around for just such an occasion.

3. Enjoy your decision with no guilt. If you can’t do this one, you likely didn’t follow steps one and two, and that’s on you. But don’t let it get you down too long, just eat better the rest of the day and it will all even out eventually. Just remember, you can’t eat a cookie after every meal and expect to look or feel great.

P.S. The same goes for a salty or fatty craving. Sometimes when I crave fat I’ll have a good fat instead like hummus, almond butter, or guacamole and it squashes the craving right away. For salty I’ll do pop chips instead of fries or regular chips and they don’t weigh me down as much. Plus you can eat the whole bag and it’s not that bad for you.