Foods to eat more of – today!

This is courtesy of the Dr. Oz show and Chris Powell, the guest that day. These are great foods to keep in your daily rotation because of the reasons listed. Plus, you can take one food from eat category and make yummy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Try to eat at least one food a day from each category, and see what a difference it makes. I speak from experience, as I’ve been eating these foods forever. Also, see the meal ideas after the list.

Foods that fight fat:




Foods that boost metabolism:







Foods that stop hunger:

Black beans


Sweet potatoes

Ezekiel bread

Low-carb Wrap (Ezekiel is best)

Breakfast ideas:

Eggs with tomatoes, peppers and salsa, served with Ezekiel toast OR oats with pecans and cinnamon.

Lunch ideas:

‘Taco’ salad – spinach topped with black beans, peppers, tomatoes, and salsa (crumble a few chips on top for crunch) OR Ezekiel wrap with black beans, peppers, tomatoes and salsa (add spinach for some green).

Dinner ideas:

Wild Alaskan salmon baked with a ginger glaze in EVOO, with a side of cooked sweet potato topped with pecans and cinnamon OR Tofu scramble (breakfast for dinner) with black beans, peppers, tomatoes, and salsa, served with a side of Ezekiel sesame toast (even better with EVOO and garlic powder/salt). 


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