hummus and veggie sammie

This super yummy vegan snackidy is filling and good for you; plus it’s under 200 calories!


About 2 tablespoons of hummus from scratch (blend tahini, lemon, EVOO and chickpeas-found online)

About 1 cup of organic spinach

A few slices of raw organic cucumber slices (peel on)

A handful of organic red bell peppers or other veggies you prefer

Side of a few radishes or other fav veggies you like

1 slice of toasted Big 16 bread (this stuff is only 100 cals and loaded with fiber and protein, plus it’s organic and sprouted, the best way to enjoy bread. Just remember to keep it in the freezer to make it last longer).

Fill your sammie and enjoy! Sorry I’m so vague but everyone likes their sammie a little different, so you should have the freedom to make your sammie your own.