Food. A day in the life.

People often give me funny looks or ask me “What is that?” when I’m heating things up in the break room at my work. So, I thought I’d share some of my daily meal examples. This one is great on days like today when everyone around me is sick with either a cold or the flu.

I start the morning with a warm cup of water with lemon, followed by 1-2 mini scoops of Green Miracle powder by Ultimate Living. I mix the green powder with 2 oz of Lily of the Dessert Aloe Juice (inner filet) and some orange juice with calcium and vitamin D from Whole Foods. Then my day is as follows:

Breakfast 7AM – 1/4 cup of organic rolled oats from Whole Foods (bulk), a sprinkling of organic wild blueberries, 1/2 tablespoon of toasted wheat germ and a dash of organic ground flax seeds. Topped off with organic unsweetened almond milk and 1 stevia packet. Yum! So good when it’s cold outside too.

Snack 9 or 9:30AM – 1 cup of cooked organic kale (chopped and cooked with onions, garlic, veggie broth and curry). This could also be a fruit or other veggie like cooked cabbage soup. I don’t eat too much because lunch is just around the corner.

Lunch 11AM-Noon – Ah my biggest calorie meal. I look forward to lunch all morning. I usually have a veggie burger or sammie and side salad. One veggie burger with no GMO and all organic stuff like Amy’s low sodium or Sol Almond Grain on 1 slice of Ezekiel sesame toast (cut in half), topped with any veggies handy or just no high-fructose ketchup. For the salad I use Organic Girl greens like spinach or spinach and arugula topped with lemon juice and avocado. I eat the salad first then the sammie. Sometimes I’ll do some black beans and salsa on the salad instead. Another option is always a big salad, leftovers or eating a vegan meal out. (I love half of a jason’s deli steamed veggie cup with hummus, and 1/2 a zucchini grillini!)

Afternoon snackidy 2-2:30PM – Usually one organic apple, always a red delicious. I don’t like the tart green ones. Or if I’m craving something sweeter I’ll do a cliff kidz peanut butter bar and I feel like I’m eating candy. Sometimes I’ll just do a banana, especially if lunch was something out and I got too much sodium.

Pre-workout snack 4PM – always 1/4 cup of organic oatmeal with cinnamon and stevia. If I’m really hungry I may add dried fruit like goji berries, cranberries, or even have the pb nana oats here. While I try to eat fruit by itself my peanut butter nana oats are to die for, and I just can’t say no sometimes. I’m posting my recipe next; it’s so delicious!

After-workout/Dinner (time varies; before 8pm) – about 1-2 cups of organic bean and veggie soup with cabbage. If I had a tough leg workout day I may even eat a can of sustainable sardines in tomato sauce from Whole Foods, especially if I’m out of Omega-3 algae pills. I’m not as broken-hearted about these tiny little fishies, sorry to all you die-hard vegans out there! But I’ve only been a vegan for a little while now, so I’m taking it slow. For quick-burning carbs after a leg day workout I may even have a snack of 2 cups of already prepared,whole grain, all-natural, and GMO-free cinnamon sugar kettlecorn.

All of this and I’m still usually at or under 1,600 calories, and totally satisfied. Boom!