What am I?

In my quest to figure out the things I will allow or things I prefer not to eat, I’ve been forced to make a list just to keep everything straight. There are certainly days when I am overcome with cravings and need something ‘bad’ but I refuse to look at food that way. Food is fuel and should never be looked at as a sin. Sure gluttony is a sin, but simply eating isn’t. I think we as a society have been looking at food in a completely wrong way, and need to take a step back to evaluate all the information we’ve obtained. Only then can we truly decide what we will do with all this knowledge we have, and how to make wise choices.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from various websites and research, Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Pyramid, Dr. Oz’s shows, as well as the film Forks Over Knives to discover that I am happiest and healthiest as a vegan. I also see myself as a nutritarian because they eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, onions, mushrooms, beans, berries, and leafy greens – the most nutrient-dense foods. A nutritarian strives to consume at least 90% of their diet from these foods. I try to abstain from these below in addition to the foods we already know to avoid, and of course no animal or dairy products. So for me personally, here is my answer to the question – What are you?

I am an all-natural, whole and organic vegan/nutritarian. 

I avoid:

Rice (because of arsenic and the white kind turns to sugar which is inflammatory) Unless it is whole grain brown and says no arsenic.

Corn (unless it says non-gmo, but still only occasionally since it turns to sugar and can possibly cause and inflammatory response).

Soy (gmo and it’s the most highly sprayed with pesticides, and can lead to hormone issues if eaten over a long period of time) This includes soy in any forms. Could occasionally eat non-gmo soy but I don’t care for the taste.

Here’s more about corn, soy and GMO products from Dr. Oz (see Foods to Watch Out For)- http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/genetically-modified-foods-get-facts?page=2#copy

Dairy and dairy products (lactose intolerant, and I’m not a baby calf).

Gluten (feeds the bad bacteria and yeast in the body and harms our villi in our small intestines).

Sugar in any form (causes pain, acid, inflammation, an immune response, feeds yeast and cancer) This includes honey or agave, it’s all still converted to sugar. But of course, everything in moderation.

Artificial sweeteners (feeds the bad bacteria and yeast, causes neurological damage and is an excitotoxin).

I do choose to eat:

Any fresh or frozen organic fruits and veggies including avocados for good fats.

Organic sprouted quinoa (complete protein).

Organic oats and pastas.

Ezekiel bread and wraps (in moderation).

Non-GMO corn on the cob (moderation, turns to sugar).

BPA-free canned black beans or kidney beans.

Unsweetened almond milk.

Soaked nuts like almonds, and ground flax seeds.

Stevia – any forms as long as the first and only ingredient is Stevia.

Organic raw snacks like cacao nibs, goji berries, chia seeds, etc.

Quinoa flour or if in need whole wheat occasionally (I’m not gluten intolerant).

I cook by baking, steaming or sautéing.

Great products I’ve found on my journey:

Organic EVOO (PGI certified from Whole Foods).

Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spread.

Vegenaise (vegan mayo).

Enjoy Life products (awesome Flax cereal).

Eden canned goods (bpa free).


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