All about fruit

Recently I read several conflicting reports and articles about eating fruit on an empty stomach, or by itself. I was admittedly skeptical at first, as so many of my favorite food combinations are fruit mixed with other foods. I even found on where there was an email going around about fruit and it said it was debunked, however after reading more on Kimberly Snyder’s website –, I was intrigued and decided to experiment. She says that you should eat fruit by itself or at least 2 hours after a meal, or 20 minutes before one. So that is what I’ve been trying. I will have one or a combination of a couple of these fruits: organic orange, organic honey crisp or red delicious, and/or banana in the afternoon around 2pm. This way I’m 2 hours from lunch and don’t eat again until my 4pm pre-workout oatmeal mixture.

I have to say it’s really made a difference! Before it seemed like the fruit combined with other heavier foods just couldn’t digest right or would just sit in my gut. Kimberly can explain this better on her website, but you should just try it and see what it’s like. You can mix fruit with veggies, but it’s not good to mix fruit and say a protein for example, because protein is super slow digesting, and fruit is gone in 45 minutes or less, so you wouldn’t want to confuse your system. I like eating light to heavy when possible. So you could even have an apple at around 10am, and then have a salad 20 minutes later before an early lunch of veggies and beans for example. You just want to get quick burning things out of the way first so the slower ones can take their time uninterrupted so to speak. This was hard at first for me because I used to use fruit as my sweet tooth fix, but to be honest I don’t crave it after a meal anymore. Instead I may have a teaspoon of organic nut butter if I’m still craving something sweet, or you could even have an herbal tea with honey.

Once exception is if you need more iron. It helps to eat foods high in Vitamin C to boost iron absorption. So for example, with a spinach salad you can add organic red and yellow bell peppers.

The point is, I try to get around 2 servings of fruit a day, and always choose organic except for bananas due to their thick peel. Apples, being the most oversprayed fruit out there, and some with over 60 different pesticides – is an organic must. There’s just no way I’m eating a non-organic apple unless I’m starving to death. Here is more information on the topic of pesticides, including the list of Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen Plus:


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